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Simon Deleaux

Hi! My name is Simon Deleaux. I am a 26 years-old French guy and I am now living in the Philippines with my delicious girlfriend who is a Filipino ladyboy. We are in a relationship for nearly three years now, first online, and then in real life, since I relocated to Manila in 2010 and we are now living together.

I like ladyboys since I am a teenager. I can still remember the first "shemale" porn websites I used to browse when I was still 16 years old! Even when I was having a girlfriend, I was still into the fantasy of dating ladyboys. I knew that real girls couldn't make me completely happy. At least not as much as a ladyboy could. The fantasy was too strong, and quick when I was 18 years old, I had my first ladyboy girlfriend. And eversince, I decided that I would date ladyboys only.

I had many ladyboy girlfriends. In France, in Germany, in Spain... And then had my first Filipino ladyboy girlfriend when I was living in England in 2007 (there are many Filipinos in England, by the way!). And later in 2008, I met Anne, my current ladyboy girlfriend.

We are now a couple for three years, and I have never been so happy in my life !

Why I wrote this book

I know that many men have the fantasy of dating ladyboys, but that most don't even dare to make the first move. Men also don't really know where they can find ladyboys. And when they find one, it's easy to screw it up because they commit the most obvious mistakes in terms of transsexual dating.

I know it's not easy, I know it takes time, I know all of that because I have been through it for many years. Now that I have been through the ups and downs of dating transsexuals, I have no problems being happy with my sexy ladyboy girlfriend. Actually, I have never been so happy in my life. That's why I wanted to write about my experience and my techniques, so that it could help my fellow ladyboy lovers to overcome the challenges and find their dream transsexual girlfriend!

To learn more about my story and the guide I wrote for you to find your dream ladyboy, see you on that page: How to date a Ladyboy, the full guide.

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