Why you will love dating an Asian ladyboy

I have the tendency to use the word "ladyboy" for Asian transsexual women, whereas I use more generic terms like "TS-girl" or "T-girl" for their western sisters. However, I think they can be interchangeable without offending anybody. Well, I personally am in a relationship with an Asian ladyboy (it's been nearly 3 years now), and I can testify about it: Asian ladyboys are awesome! And here is why...

  • Asian ladyboys are beautiful

    Okay, I set the cat among the pigeons. Beauty is all relative, so at least let's say that Asian ladyboys count for the most passable transsexual women in the world. Their little bodies, the similarities between the male and female Asian features, the tendency to have less hairs than other ethnic groups... make that Asian ladyboys are usually sexy, beautiful and passable.

  • Asian ladyboys are easier to meet

    Walk in the streets of Bangkok, Manila or anywhere else in Asia, and see if you don't cross sexy ladyboys from time to time. The proportion of transsexual women in these countries is higher than anywhere else in the world. Because ladyboys in Asia have less barriers to fully express themselves compared to the ladies in our western countries.

  • Asian ladyboys are easier to pick up

    Not only are they more numerous, but they are also easier to pick up. Asian men usually don't like to commit to transsexual women, so most of them are single and available, and looking for western boyfriends who are more open about having a relationship with a special girl.

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