WARNING I strongly recommend you do NOT send another email nor try another approach towards a transsexual woman before you read what follows!

Discover the secret of dating the sexiest ladyboys in the world

How to date a sexy asian ladyboy?
Nadia, 20 (Toronto, Canada)

So you like to watch "shemale" porn and fantasise on "chicks-with-dicks". You like it more than having sex with your actual girlfriend, sometimes you close your eyes and wish she was a ladyboy?

You've always heard of guys picking up sexy girls in bars and finding out that they have a little secret surprise. Most of them are avoiding those girls, they say it's a "trap", but you it's exactly what you want to pull. You precisely want to fall into this trap.

And you want to put it to the next level now. It's time to stop masturbating and turn your fantasy into reality!

The transgender community is quite difficult to get into if you are an outsider and are clueless about the code and ethics. If you think that it is as easy as walking in a bar and picking up a real girl, then you're WRONG. It is different. As easy as going on a dating website and sending a couple of emails? And they will be glad you did them a favour? WRONG AGAIN! There are so many other clueless admirers knocking at their door, and you must be at least initiated to have a chance to shine amongst the crowd.

Unless you have a guide, a mentor, it requires a lot of time and efforts to only be able to approach the community. It's possible that you will even not be able to make it at all. Because almost no transsexual woman likes to initiate and educate newbies. Instead, they like men who are already experienced in dating ladyboys.

I know there are so many valuable men who are missing all chance to hook up with a ladyboy, for the simple reason that they are clueless about how it works. It's almost scary to see all of those dragging their ass off and not being able to get a single phone number, nor to be able to score more than 15 minutes in a conversation because they commit the most obvious mistakes. Although some of them are good at picking up real girls, their techniques happen to be totally inneficient when it comes to transsexual women.

That's the reason why, my girlfriend and I, decided to write this guide and to share with you the secrets of dating gorgeous ladyboys. Because we believe that there are valuable men like you out there who deserve to be able to have a chance with lonely ladyboys.

And you can date your first ladyboy as soon as tonight. No joke, you can literrally date a gorgeous transsexual woman as soon as you get into the confidence and read what follows...

How to date a sexy asian ladyboy?
Aurelie, 23 (London, UK)

What you need to know for successfully dating ladyboys (78 pages)

  • The lingo of the transsexual world

    Or how to look like an insider. Show them that you are in the secret and shine amongst the other men.
  • What is transsexualism

    Understand where she comes from and what she is living every day. This knowledge will give you the needed insights before getting into a world that is so different from yours.
  • What different types of girls you can find

    Which ones shall you go for, which ones shall you avoid. And where are hiding the good ones.
  • The reasons why you are not gay

    That's right, you are not gay if you are attracted to transsexuals, despite what people say.
  • How to meet ladyboys in real life

    Yes, you can get into a popular bar or club and pick up the sexy ladyboy that all the other guys are envying. You just need to know how it works...
  • How to meet many more ladyboys on the Internet

    What are the websites you shall use and those which are total scams. You'd be surprised to know that there is more to explore than just dating websites...
  • Save your time and money

    Stop wasting your time and money in bullshit dating websites, and focus on the ones that are really used by transsexual girls.
  • How to make a winning profile

    Multiply your chances to shine amongst the crowd. It's so quick for a transsexual girl to zap a profile, they have so much choice, so the least detail counts!
  • The types of girls to avoid

    They are not worth wasting your time and money; learn how to spot them, put them aside and focus on the interesting girls instead.
  • How to approach a ladyboy on the first date

    What she's expecting more than a normal girl would. How to behave, what to say and not to say. Learn the tips that will make her fall for you each time.
  • The top things not to do or say while dating a ladyboy

    Commit the least of these mistakes and you will be eliminated in no time. These tips alone are worth several hundreds dollars.
  • What to expect in an intimate situation with a ladyboy

    Pre-op or post-op? Top, bottom or versatile? Should you touch it? Be ready for the unexpected and the magical !
  • How to be ready and confident enough in intimacy

    BEWARE! You can encounter various cases and if you are not ready for it and are too much clumsy, that could really turn her off.
  • Adult content All the tips I learnt while having sex with ladyboys

    Of course, their speciality makes that sex with a ladyboy is slightly different from what you are having with a real girl. I learnt a lot throughout the years, and here I share my personal base of knowledge.
  • How to make your relationship serious

    Take it to the next level and make it serious on the long term. If you think it's the same as having a serious relationship with a real girl, then you are wrong.
  • How to introduce her to your family and friends

    Be ready for meeting her family and for introducing her to your family and friends. Also, what to say to your family and how to answer the many interogations they will have.
  • How to fulfil a long distance relationship

    You can be having a girlfriend who doesn't live in your city, this love needs to be maintained, jealousy and paranoia can turn down the flame. There are things you need to do in order to make it last until you are united again.
How to date a sexy asian ladyboy?
Jessica, 21 (Berlin, Germany)

EXCLUSIVE : New content added for edition 2012

How to date a sexy asian ladyboy?
Julia, 18 (Perth, Australia)
  • new How to enhance Facebook to find the sexiest ladyboys

    Find thousands of profiles in minutes, that you couldn't find somewhere else. THIS WORKS FOR FREE !
  • new Why you will love being with an Asian ladyboy

    There are many things an Asian ladyboy will give you that you might not find in a western girl. Those really know how to make a man happy.
  • new How to go to Asia to meet ladyboys

    Want to meet tens of sexy ladyboys, or finally meet your online girlfriend? You can save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars if you profit from my personal tips; I already travelled to Asia a lot (Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia) and am now living in the Philippines, trust me.
  • new How to move to Asia for good

    This process requires much research and work. I wish I had a guide like this before I undertook my relocation to the Philippines, as it would have saved me much time, effort and money!
  • new Where to go in Asia, how to get around

    What are the good spots for meeting ladyboys. And what are the bad places to avoid. Also, what type of job can you find there and how to increase your standard of living by 3 without increasing your revenues.
  • new How to make your girlfriend to come to your country

    For holidays or for marriage. Laws, visas and immigration are a hassle. Once again, I wasted time and money doing it for my girlfriend. Don't do the same mistake as me!
  • new How to officialise your union

    What are the unions you can make (marriage, civil partership, living together...) in your country (or state).
  • new How to have children together

    The issue of having kids. Adoption is the most popular choice for couples, but there are also alternatives...

Now, we share this exclusive report with you

My girlfriend and I long hesitated whether we should share this report or not. We were afraid that bad-intentioned men use it to pick up lots of girls and break their hearts, because the secrets and the tips inside are too much powerful. I convinced Anne that most of the men are not assholes and are looking for love, and that there will be always assholes anyways, even if we don't expose the secrets of ladyboy dating.

Actually, for being in the same situation before, I know that most of the men have genuine intentions when they want to date ladyboys, but that either they screw it up because they lack of knowledge about it, or because they don't manage to show the girl that they are genuine (you can learn in this book how to shine and prove your good intentions, naturally).

Being a man and a "ladyboy lover" myself, I know how difficult it is when you are attracted to ladyboys, but are so clumsy and clueless of the transsexual standards, that any attempt of dating them fails miserably. They have so much happinness to give when you know how to approach them though, and I think it's a shame that so many are still single, and can't see the valuable men around who are just craving for becoming their boyfriends.

Once you know the secrets, you will be able to shine and date ladyboys wherever you are, wherever you go. More importantly, you will know how to make it serious and make it work on the long term. And now, this knowledge is available to the entire population of men who want to get a ladyboy girlfriend!

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Mallory, 19 (New York City, USA)

What people are saying

For years, I've been fantasizing on T-Girls but didn't know where to start to make it in real life. Your book opened my eyes to a world that was, finally, so unknown to me and I now have had many experiences with some of these special ladies. I don't have a girlfriend currently, but I would have no problem in being in a serious relationship with a T-Girl now, thanks to you.

George, 26 (Tokyo, Japan) — sushiboy1986@hotmail.com

After I read your book, I met a bunch of very sexy transsexuals and I must say that I never experienced such a thing before. They are interesting people, very far from the "shemales" in the porn movies, and sex with them is awesome! I had a short relationship with Maria, a gorgeous latino T-Girl from my town, but she relocated to Europe so we broke up. But nevermind, I am now back dating other T-Girls, hoping to get a new serious girlfriend soon!

Xander, 33 (St. Louis, USA) — thebig_riff@hotmail.com

Hi Simon! My new girlfriend and I would like to thank you so much for your book and the way it changed our lives! Very soon after reading your "How to date a Ladyboy" guide, I met Cindy (a stunning Polish transsexual) and I immediately fall in love with her. We live together for 5 months now and everything is wonderful. I've always known that I loved ladyboys, your book was the key to make my dreams come true.

Hans and Cindy (Vienna, Austria)
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