Getting a ladyboy girlfriend from Philippines

Philippines is like a paradise on earth. Stunning islands, warm people, and lots of ladyboys! It's the only roman catholic country in South East Asia, so its people are conservative, but nevertheless you can find there the most passable TS ever, and it's the reason why I love Filipino ladyboys.

Filipino ladyboys are petite

Filipino ladyboys are petite. Asian people are naturally small and cute, that's why when men visit Philippines, they're always risking that the girl they are trying to pick up has a cock and nobody can tell it. Locals can find out sometimes, but foreigners really have a hard time telling who is a genetic girl and who is a transsexual woman. They are in fact very attractive, and because they are small they are still passable even if they wear high heels.

Filipino ladyboys are truly beautiful. Black skin (but it can range from a variety of tints, from slighty tanned to really dark, but never black), shiny black hair, smooth skin. They are less hairy than their western fellows TS, and sometimes don't even need any make up to pass as women.

Filipino ladyboys speak good english

Philippines is the first country in Asia for Business Process Outsourcing in english, because their people speak good English with an american accent. You'll be surprise even the kids here can speak english. You will then have no problem communicating with a Filipino ladyboy. Some of them might not be fluent nor have a correct accent, but who cares. I believe an Asian accent is cute :)

Filipino ladyboys have good values in life

Filipinos are naturally family-oriented and follow the good principles of catholicism. They are not individualist people, which doesn't mean they cannot be independant! Girls in the Philippines are smiling girls, they have this tendency to be happy with not much, and have a positive attitude in life. And they know how to share their positive vibes with their boyfriend, it's warm and loving.

There are many countries in South East Asia that have a high population of ladyboys, and Philippines is a first class destination for any man who is looking for a Filipino ladyboy girlfriend, not only because they are amongst the most passable transsexuals in the world, but also because they have inner qualities that make them good girlfriends.

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