Where to find gorgeous transsexual women

This is definitely the biggest question for transsexual admirers: where the hell are these gorgeous ladies with an extra? Is it just a porn fantasy or do they exist in real life also? The good news for you is that, YES, they do exist in real life. But they might go so well unnoticed that you can end up thinking that they are unicorns sometimes.

Where to meet a transsexual woman in real life?

You can meet a transsexual woman virtually anywhere. They can be cutting your hair, serving your coffee at Starbucks, or be that classy lady reading a book just next to you. You are probably crossing them every day and you don't even notice it. You will be surprised to know that most of them are living in society like women, and don't openly display it.

Some others, however, take part in the LGBT scene (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual) which gathers the people of the previously cited sexual specificities. T-girls used to be gay men themselves, that's why they are likely to hang out with gay people. Therefore, you can find them in dedicated places, such as gay bars and gay-friendly bars. There are also special clubs.

Where to meet transsexual women online?

It's good to hang out in bars, but the most effective way to find T-girls will still be the Internet! You can find dating websites for t-girls. Beware, though, because most of them are not so good. Some are stuffed with fake profiles, in order to just make you pay for the membership, but in the end you will not get to meet the least girl for real. And then you will believe that all dating websites are evil !

But some others are very good though. And there are just a few... Because t-girls know exactly what are the good dating sites and don't bother making profiles on the lame sites. It happens that the main dating websites for transsexuals are well segmented geographically also. There is only one or two very good sites for Europe, same for the USA, same for Asia... So you have to be aware of that before choosing to pay a membership on a dating website!

Are you ready for meeting gorgeous T-girls right now?

If so, then you should definitely get ready before your first night out. There is nothing worse than fucking up your reputation in town because you commit the most obvious mistakes of behaviour with the first T-girl you find out there. Transsexual women are like a small community and they can spread the word very quick when they encounter someone who's not behaving correctly with them. On the other hand, if you know how to stand out of the crowd and prove that you are at least better than the typical ignorant admirer, then a quick spreading good reputation will be all to your advantage.

These tips, and many others, can be found in the following guide I wrote for you. It's a compilation of my full knowledge about ladyboy dating, years of experience, pillow talks from many of my ladyboy girlfriends... and believe me, there is much to say !

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